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The Veterans


An all inclusive 10 day re-integration and adaptation program for Ukrainian war veterans and their families. Povernennya is a joint project of registered Canadian federal charity Dopomoha Ukraini - Aid Ukraine and Ukrainian NGO Побратими (Pobratymy).  

To date, this partnership has conducted seven sessions that have included over 70 families and 200 veterans, wives, and children. 

This project is aimed at mitigating the negative impact on the families of veterans through peer to peer psychological trainings, direct support, and post-combat assistance. 

weekly support groups for veterans / Що Тижневі Групи Підтримки Для Ветеранів

Weekly Support Groups for Veterans are an organizational activity of the Ukrainian NGO Pobratymy. A special format of open regular group meetings designed for people with similar life and combat experience, which include elements of psychotherapy, psychological treatment and role playing. 

As part of this activity, participants can gain emotional and social support, exchange personal experiences, and knowledge on the principle of Peer to Peer. 

Meetings are aimed to ensure that participants get a better understanding of themselves and the processes that take place in their daily lives, receive support and feel their own belonging to the community of people sharing similar experiences, which also leads to improving the level of living and improving security in society.