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Help Us Help

Founded in 1993, Help Us Help (formerly known as Dopomoha Ukraini – Aid Ukraine) is a federally registered Canadian charitable organization, focused on humanitarian aid and educational projects in Ukraine and in Canada. In the 25 years since being founded, the organization has delivered more than $25 million dollars in charitable aid to projects and organizations engaged in the areas of humanitarian aid, education, literacy, arts and culture, social work, civil society, and more.

In response to the consequences of the 2014 Russian invasion of eastern Ukraine, Help Us Help expanded its charitable initiatives to include humanitarian support to the victims of the conflict. The organization is committed to raising awareness through education in Canada and in supporting Ukraine’s democratic development as the country looks to rebuild a brighter future.

Our cornerstone projects include Help Us Help The Children, Help Us Help The Veterans, and the Help Us Help Scholarship Program.

In 2015, we were named a key partner in the “Ukraine Appeal”, a national Canadian humanitarian aid initiative launched by the Ukrainian Canadian Congress which is the organizational body for 1.2 million Canadian citizens of Ukrainian descent. 

Our Mission

We provide the tools and training that allow disadvantaged children to realize their dreams; that allow war-torn families to live their lives free of scars; that afford war-affected soldiers the opportunity to again become fully contributing members of society. Our camps for disadvantaged children and rehabilitation sessions for war-affected families and soldiers are run jointly by Canadians and Ukrainians to allow the bilateral transfer of skills, knowledge, and experience, and to strengthen the historical bonds between our nations.

Our Values

Courage and Compassion: The courage to shape a better future through compassion Leadership and Learning: Leading assertively and respectfully, with an everlasting thirst for development Adventure and Accountability: Seeking growth through adventure and remaining ultimately accountable.

Our Vision

Our organization aspires to be the trusted charity of choice for individuals in Canada and abroad who are passionate about delivering Ukraine humanitarian aid and education to ensure a prosperous future. We aim to deliver our donors consistent returns in the form of improvements in the state of Ukraine humanitarian affairs and to build awareness in Canada. We envision a Ukraine free from institutionalized children, free from the wounds of war, and free to develop its own path to prosperity. In Canada we envision a strong and prosperous multicultural federation that is committed to strengthening the future of a great country in need.